Friday, November 11, 2011

EGO - The New Malaysian English Artist

Born on 17 December 1987, Ego has always seen music as a form of escapism that transports him to a world where everything can be shaped to his will. Growing up, Ego was snared by the likes of Nas, Jay-Z and P.Diddy. He says that the intricacies of wordplay that they exhibited sparked a longing to do as they did. Taking from their different sounds and styles, Ego realized that rapping was about being an individual telling a story in their own way and started work on molding himself to be a rapper in his own right. Always wanting to be his own boss, he set up a recording studio of his own thus allowing him to experiment and create sounds of his own. Ego’s foray of the arts also extends to drawing and digital design.
Walkin' on the moon - Ego feat. CoruzHooks Make Money - Ego and Songstress