Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Nuffnang Story

I first joined with Nuffnang was on April 20, 2010 and registered my blog in the name of www. Few months later I enrolled my blog as after getting many of the advantages derived from Nuffnang. Nuffnang has made me love to write blog and attract me to generate extra income through Nuffnang advertising.
As such, I have to attend many events organized by Nuffnang such as Nuffnang premiere screening, Maxis blackberry playbook and fasting break with DiGi. As I frequently attended most of the events, my blog rating has risen to 500 page visitors in one day. Every time I update my blog, I’m sure to link my blog entry to innit Nuffnang. This generate my blog not only in Malaysia but throughout the world. Via this, I can meet new friends or bloggers and share ideas. Besides, I can meet famous artist and famous blogger. This is an expensive experience I ever had. So, the more events I attended the more experience I gained from Nuffnang. Thanks Nuffnangs for this wonderful experience.
My most sweet experience with Nuffnang is winning the Blackberry Torch. That was my most wonderful present. Not that easy... before winning, I have to blog on Blackberry Torch in the contest organized by Nuffnang and Digi. My story on Blackberry Touch must be very creative that is why I was selected as one of the winners. Thanks again Nuffnang. That Blackberry Torch... I’m still using. Recently, I received a birthday present from Nuffnang 4 movie tickets at TGV. That was great! After almost a year I joined Nuffnang, I knew lots of bloggers and we become friends. As such, my blog's name now is well known by them. Although not as great as other famous bloggers, somehow or rather, I have started to step into the challenging world of bloggers out there. But most important thing, not forgetting the warm and friendly Nuffnang’s staffs to humble blogger like me is one of the reason I’m loyal to Nuffnang.
I also want to thank Nuffnang for creating innit Nuffnang. Via innit Nuffnang my post can be quickly spread to other nuffnangers. It is more convenient that my blog is known by other bloggers. Finally, I would be much appreciated if I were to be given the opportunity and be invited by Nuffnang to the 'Asia-Pacific Nuffnang Blog Awards 2011'. I want to take this chance to get to know more well-known bloggers especially those bloggers who have nominated the award. Other than that, I really want to write an entry on that precious event. Anyhow, I am looking forward to hear from Nuffnang and be proud if I were to be selected. Writing on such big event will make my blog traffic increase with the support of Nuffnang innit partnership.

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