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KUALA LUMPUR, 11 August 2011 – Chinese Indonesian band, Golden Dragon, is in town to record their first full album under the supervision of renowned music producer Roslan Aziz.Roslan, who is the Principal of Tune Studios, introduced members of Golden Dragon during a media briefing at Tune Studios located at the Harbour Place Mall in Klang today.

“This is the first full album project by Tune Studios since we started operations in July. I am thrilled to be working with Golden Dragon, an indeed unique band, from Indonesia. This is the first Mandarin album I am producing and I feel truly honoured. We know the Chinese music market is really particular about quality and that suits me best. Through this project I am looking at bringing together the ardent followers of Roslan Aziz and Roslan Aziz Production (RAP) to enjoy music in another language,” said Roslan.The yet-to-be-named album is fully in Mandarin, containing new songs composed, played and sung by Golden Dragon members themselves. Roslan is the executive producer of the album and it will be mastered in New York by audio engineer Steve Vavagiakis who has also been involved in the designing of Tune Studios.The album, under the label of Tune Studios and RAP, is also reputed to be the first Chinese album by an Indonesian band.

All Golden Dragon members are of Chinese origin. However, as is common with most Indonesian Chinese, they are not conversant in the language, except for its leader and vocalist Icun Lin. Other members of Golden Dragon - Bertho Yu (keyboardist), Dhanny Ji (guitarist), Andre Wu (bassist), Henzt Wei (drummer), Sanley Zhong (vocalist) and Steve Zhang (vocalist) only speak Bahasa Indonesia.Hailed from Jogjakarta, the 7-member band has been around for 11 years, performing at stage shows and weddings around Indonesia and they are hugely popular especially amongst the Chinese community. The name Golden Dragon was derived from the Year of the Dragon when it was incepted in 2000.Recording of the album is targeted for completion in October. Slated to be launched for Chinese New Year 2012, the album will be distributed in Indonesia, Malaysia and other Chinese-speaking markets in the region.

“I believe the album will really sell in this region as both the album and the band itself are truly unique. Golden Dragon is very true to itself, they are very proud of their origin and their music and not trying to be someone they are not. That makes them really special and working with them is a great experience for me,” explained Roslan.Golden Dragon was winner of the Asean-wide AirAsiaRedTix MTV redAMP band competition in 2010 and the recording contract with Roslan Aziz was part of their winning prize.“It is very rare for a Chinese album to be produced by a Malay musician like me; this just goes to prove that music is truly universal and transcends the language, racial or geographical boundaries. Producing this album gives me a mix of emotions as it exudes pop-rock elements with a twist. Music fans out there must check it out when it’s out in the market early next year,” he added.Further commenting on Golden Dragons, Roslan said: “What really caught my attention was how hard they worked! They came up with an album that really reflects on who they are. They are very true to themselves, very original. They are not only good at playing music but also very proud of their identity and because of that I believe they can go real far.”

Meanwhile, Icun on behalf of his band members said: “We are really enthusiastic about this project. We are proud to have Pak Roslan as our album producer. He is a great motivator who believes in giving everyone an opportunity. A very talented person indeed.”More information on Golden Dragon is available from their Facebook page.


Icun Lin (林益俊)
Sanley Zhong (鍾珊麗)
Steve Zhang (張成偉)

Bertho Yu (俞裕強)

Dhanny Ji (紀觀聲)

Andre Wu (吳安德)

Henzt Wei (魏祿源)

Music genre: Pop-rock

Year established: 2000 (Year of the Dragon)

Home base: Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Achievements: Winner, AirAsiaRedTix MTV redAMP Band Competition 2010
Top 30 LA Light Band Competition 2008

Previous albums:

2009 - Golden Dragon “Thank You For Love” Concert 2009 (VCD)
2006 - Hai You Shi Jian (From Heart to You) – A tribute to Jogja quake victims
2005 - San Bao Da Ren (Single - VCD Karaoke)
2005 – Nian Nian Fa Da Cai (CD – 7 new songs for CNY)

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