Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am the winner of "Faces Go Places Contest"

Thank you to AirAsia !!! cuz selecting me as the winner for the “Faces Go Places Contest” all my friend.. I wanna let you know that the winner of this contest win a trip to New Zealand for 7D6N from 13 june to 20 june 2011..I am so excited when air asia office called me and announce that I am the winner for that contest..I have joined this contest around two or three months ago..well friends I”ll be flying to South Island (NZ) with two famous blogger from malaysia and china..

until now, I’m still shocked and excited for this prize..thank you also to new zealand international travel to give me a chance to visit your country and thanks also to votes who voted me to reach the top 10 finalist..

I’m very thankful to Airasia for giving me the chance to fly to New Zealand with my mom (zara aluwi) and my brother (mohd zaid)


Here is amazing New zealand video from AirAsia - Experience New Zealand's highlights at low fares


  1. wahh!! mmg rezeki ko dowh!! untungla ko.. ape je contest ni sruh ko buat?

  2. hehe..rezeki kan..kita mencuba je..segala contest semua aq masuk tetiba pulak yang ni dpat ..hehe