Monday, March 28, 2011

example Speaking test (muet) questions

1)How to encourage the students to read more?

-Set up a reading corner around the college
-Equip the library with more interesting materials
-Second hand book store
-Reward those who read more

2)What would make a good life partner?

-Fun to be with

3)How to promote tourism in Malaysia?
-Build more tourist spots
-Build more affordable hotels
-Using Information Technology (IT)
-More facilities

4)How to attract customers?
-Reasonable price
-Extend business hours
-Fresh goods
-Helpful and courteous staffs

5)What challenge would be faced by youth in 21st century?
-Knowledgeable skills
-Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
-Good in studies and active in co-curriculum activities


  1. dont have la.hehe

    are u take muet for this april test??

  2. hye, are these the spotted questions of the upcoming MUET speaking session?

  3. im getting confuse. who's taking the muet ? who's posting this section?