Sunday, November 21, 2010

Zidane will only contribute good things"

Jose Mourinho sat down with to discuss the incorporation of Zinedine Zidane as presidential advisor to the first team.

"We all wanted this moment to come. Zidane will only contribute good things. He is very knowledgeable about football and we are very empathetic. Bringing him on was a club decision that we all agreed upon. The club, the president and I all wanted him here. We cannot ask the fans, but I doubt anyone would have any objections. This is just the start, but we are happy that Zidane is returning to football and Real Madrid."

"The players are aware of his talent as a player and a person. He will have a close relationship with them and it will serve them well. I am sure that along with the relationship he has with the club, top brass and myself that he will be of great help to us all. I don't think he will ever lose the player side of himself although his role now is more executive. It will create a common bond with the players."

"Zidane is Zidane, and that says it all. He is a football and Real Madrid icon. Although he played for other teams, I think this is the club that most defined his career and where he created the strongest bond with the fans. He is a club and football man. He played in France, Italy and Spain. He knows about football on a global scale. We all believed he had to work here."

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